(Heerbrugg)Leica Geosystems today announces the Leica HDS6000, its next generation, ultra-high speed laser scanner. Also announced was Leica Cyclone SCAN v5.6, companion laptop software for controlling the new scanner. The Leica HDS6000 features several major "next generation" advances that increase the versatility, portability, and productivity of ultra high-speed, phase-based laser scanning for many as-built survey applications.

Compared to its popular predecessor (the Leica HDS4500 scanner), the new scanner features:
  • 50% greater range, based on ambiguity interval
  • New compact design with scanner, scan control panel, data storage, and battery integrated into a single, easy-to-carry unit
  • New tilt compensation that allows traversing and resectioning
  • Three scanner control options: integrated side panel, wireless PDA, or full laptop control
  • Higher accuracy for each single point measurement
  • Twice the maximum scan density

Increased field productivity, versatility, and portability

Leveraging the phase-based engine's inherent scan speed (up to 500,000 pts/sec) and full field-of-view (360º x 310º) design, two key advances in the Leica HDS6000 increase field productivity by reducing the number of separate "scan targets" needed during a High-Definition Survey. These two advances - increased useful range and the addition of a (tilt) compensator - also increase the system's versatility, enabling phase-based scanning to be applied on more types of as-built survey projects.

The new scanner also represents a breakthrough in portability. Instead of having to carry a separate scan head, laptop PC (for scanner control & data storage), and external DC power supply, users can carry all of these capabilities in a single, integrated scanner. An imbedded control panel, hard disk data storage, and integrated, exchangeable battery allow up to 1½ hours of scanning without having to change the battery. An external battery, AC power supply, and optional PDA controller or laptop control are valuable options that give users more flexibility for a wide range of as-built surveys.

Leica Geosystems HDS Family of Laser Scanners

With the introduction of the Leica HDS6000, Leica Geosystems replaces the Leica HDS4500 scanner. The new Leica HDS6000 will be a key part of the Leica Geosystems' family of laser scanners that includes the Leica ScanStation and the Leica HDS3000 laser scanners, the industry's most versatile laser scanners. Both are longer range, high-accuracy, full field-of-view time-of-flight scanners; Leica ScanStation has the added feature of survey-grade, (tilt) compensation for easy and productive resection, traverse and backsighting workflows. With the addition of the new Leica HDS6000 scanner, this product family continues to offer users the broadest and most productive set of options for High-Definition Surveying.

Pricing & Availability

Leica HDS6000 and Leica Cyclone v5.6 are currently planned for release in November 2006. Pricing of the new Leica HDS6000 has not yet been announced. Pricing for Leica Cyclone v5.6 is available from authorized Leica Geosystems representatives.

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