Beaverton, OR, October 2007 – G&L Land Surveying, Inc. of Beaverton and Tetsuka Associates, Inc. of Portland merged this past July to form Lodestar Surveying, Inc., headquartered in Beaverton. Principals Mark Lichtenthaler, Kevin Williams and Troy Tetsuka merged their individually successful companies to establish leadership in the local surveying industry.

Lichtenthaler, Williams and Tetsuka are all veterans of the local industry and have seen land surveying change drastically over the last twenty years. They merged their companies to better meet the needs of the construction and land development industries and to further establish their leadership role in the Pacific Northwest. Lodestar Surveying aims to lead in service and public awareness as land surveying continues to evolve.

The principals behind Lodestar Surveying see room for positive change in the surveying industry. They all stated that they see a lack of knowledge about surveying among the public and they seek to change that. Lichtenthaler, Williams and Tetsuka plan to start small by creating a name for their new company in the Portland Metro territory. Their first goal is to become the number one source the construction and land development industries look to for surveying services. Next they plan to spread awareness of the land surveying profession among the public and eliminate the perceived image of a guy standing out in the street with a tripod. “There’s so much more to what we do than that. That’s like saying that the person taking your weight and blood pressure at the doctor’s office is the doctor; when really that’s just who you see first,” says Lichtenthaler.

They know there is much progress to be made in informing the public but it’s a task they feel up to. Williams wants people to see them as professionals and understand that it’s a business with stringent experience and educational requirements. “We spent eight to twelve years working in a leadership role for a licensed surveyor before we could take the test to become licensed ourselves. Then the test took an entire day and every year we are required to take continuing education courses,” explains Williams. “It’s a long process.”

The two things they like best about their work – the challenge and the reward – are the same factors that motivate them in their desire to educate others about land surveying. “It’s a challenge, but somebody has to do it,” says Tetsuka. “The industry is going to continue to change and we want to be the ones leading the way and educating others. That’s why we picked Lodestar for our name. We want to be the guide.” Lodestar Surveying is a full-service land surveying firm that serves the Oregon, Washington, California, and Nevada territories. Their services include: Consultation, Boundary Surveying, Topographical Surveying, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveying, Construction Staking, Subdivision Platting, Partition Platting, Condo Platting, Route Surveying, Right-of-Way Surveying, GIS Data Collection and Photogrammetric Control. They consult with architects, engineers, developers, contractors, lawyers, title companies, realtors and land owners to provide them with solutions for all their land surveying needs.