El Segundo, CA – Airborne 1 Corporation, a leading provider of advanced LiDAR services, rentals, and software worldwide, is helping spread the holiday cheer to customers this year by offering a selection of gifts for all new projects signed by December 31, 2006.

“Airborne 1 has had its most successful year ever,” Airborne 1’s Director of Marketing Alejandra Espinosa said, “We decided to celebrate our success with our customers by offering them a little something extra with their LiDAR.” That ‘something extra’ runs the gamut from a handheld GPS unit to training and LiDAR XLR8R software to a 42 inch HD Plasma TV. The larger a customer’s order is the better the gift they are entitled to receive.

While the gift offer only applies to LiDAR services and rentals, those who are in the market for pre-flown LiDAR data can now get it at 15% off its regular price. Off-the-shelf LiDAR data must also be purchased no later than December 31, 2006.

Complete holiday details and gift list are available atwww.airborne1.com/holiday.pdf. For further information on products and services offered contact Airborne 1 Corporation at (310) 414-7400 or via e-mail at offers@airborne1.com

About Airborne 1

irborne 1 Corporation (www.airborne1.com) provides advanced LiDAR technology and asset management for partners in the photogrammetry, surveying and mapping fields. From Turnkey Services, to Software/Training, Rentals, and Fractional Ownership Plans, Airborne 1 enables professionals worldwide to effectively enter the LiDAR market without having to incur the high costs of owning a sensor. Airborne 1’s digital mapping services and solutions include a dedicated team of LiDAR surveying experts, state-of-the-art Optech ALTM sensors, LiDAR data processing analysis and application development, as well as LiDAR field survey coordination and project management.