InteliSum Inc. (ISI)releasedLD3Studio Software Suite Version 3.1. ISI's technology fuses LiDAR XYZ position coordinates, digital imaging (RGB data) and geophysical information (GPS) to give "intelligence" to every pixel in the scene, trademarked as "InteliPixel." This allows users to capture real-world 3D scenes and stitch them together into full-featured intelligent environments. LD3Studio Version 3.1 has been enhanced with data thinning, which allows LD3 files to be easily manipulated, viewed and measured in real-time with minimal impact to data quality. Also, Version 3.1 features are plug-in capable to allow popular third-party 3D software applications to interface with the LD3Studio Software Suite. LD3Viewer 3.1, ISI's full-featured software viewer product allowing users to navigate a real world 3-D environment, measure distance, angles, latitude, longitude and elevation, is available as a free download atwww.intelisum.comby clicking the link "download viewer." (ISI, Salt Lake City, Utah)