Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 23, 2006 - SiteComp, Inc. has released Version 6.0 of its Survey, Mapping and Land Development software. These releases are Major Upgrades and include the following new features:
  • Undo / Redo - Full, 30-level undo and redo saves time, increases productivity, and adds flexibility.
  • Figure Snaps - Equivalent to object snaps in CAD programs, this feature allows specific locations to be determined based on objects and includes Nearest, Endpoint, Midpoint, Perpendicular, Tangent, Center, and Intersection.
  • Line Tables - Lines can be picked and added to a dynamic line table that automatically calculates and updates based on changes.
  • Curve Tables - Curves can be listed in a specific order.
  • Circles - Circles have been added to COGO calculations.
  • Polylines - Polylines may now be created by picking points or lines in any desired order.
  • Tiff images - Support for Tiff images has been added to background sets.
  • Rotate Points - Points may be rotated by picking a group of points or lines in any desired order without having to rotate any other points.
  • Reposition background images - Background images may be repositioned by clicking a location on the image then clicking the corresponding location on the map.
  • Slope shading - Slope shaded maps are now printable.
  • Mirror Figures - Figures may be mirrored based on personal selection.
  • Modify Length - A command that allows adding to or removing from the length of a line, arc, or polyline by simply clicking and entering the change.
  • Expanded Zoom - Zoom in any command.
  • Offset by Snap - The ability to select the side of the offset by snapping has been added to existing methods.
  • Copy Figure Properties - Another timesaving feature that allows figure properties to be changed by simply snapping an existing figure.
  • New Hot Keys - Contour Mode hot keys include: [Shift X] to show point elevations and [X] to show contours.
  • Help - All new features and commands have been added to the context sensitive help file that can be accessed by pushing the F1 key while in any command.

Since 1978, SiteComp has provided the most advanced point-based software solutions for the surveying, mapping and land development industries. SiteComp upgrades are not forced and are included with support. SiteComp's fundamental technology never changes so that upgrades represent additional features that utilize previously learned operating skills thereby eliminating the need for retraining and relearning.

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