Vancouver, B.C.–Safe Software announced that its upcoming FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) spatial data transformation software release will include support for the native map file format of the GeoConcept GIS application developed by GeoConcept SA of Paris, France.

 GeoConcept users will now be able to utilize FME’s powerful spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) technology to import and export data in more than 170 formats supported by FME. In addition, users working with other leading mapping applications supported by FME will be able to directly read and write GeoConcept data – a development that will further increase the utility and pervasiveness of the GeoConcept format.

 This offering is the second of two enhancements made within the last 18 months that demonstrate Safe Software’s commitment to the French market: FME support for EDIGEO, the format promoted by the French standards association (AFNOR), was added in August of 2005. A French localization add-on for FME also became available in February of this year.

 “FME is a revolutionary toolbox that assists in the translation and transformation of geographic data,” said Marc Bannelier, Technical Director and Co-founder of GeoConcept. “GeoConcept is pleased that our format is supported in FME and GeoConcept will invest resources in distributing Safe Software’s product. This will help expand the use of GIS and cartographic applications.”

 “Both Safe Software and GeoConcept have worked together on this development. By adding support for GeoConcept to FME, we are able to bring the power of Spatial ETL to a new group of users,” said Don Murray, President of Safe Software.

More about Safe Software and FME Safe Software Inc. is the industry leader in Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technologies, providing both spatial data transformation solutions and professional services. Since 1993, Safe Software has focused on helping organizations enhance access to spatial data by providing software solutions that deliver seamless translation of nearly 200 GIS, CAD, and database formats. Safe Software’s flagship product, FME, is an integrated collection of Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tools for the distribution and transformation of location-based data. FME manages database loading, data extraction from legacy systems, merging multiple data sources, coordinate system conversion, and format to format translation for the exchange of map data. FME consists of four major components: a translation engine (FME Universal Translator), a graphical authoring environment (FME Workbench), a data inspection tool (FME Viewer), and application extenders that directly integrate into a variety of spatial applications. more information.


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Source: Safe Software, December 14.