Chicago - Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery systems, today announced that it has joined the ESRI Business Partner Program as a Complementary Technology Provider (CTP). As a CTP partner of ESRI, the world leader in GIS software, Océ provides end-users with award-winning hardware and software printing solutions that are complementary to ESRI technology.

Currently, Océ is the only manufacturer capable of supplying geographic information system (GIS) users with a choice of printing technologies for large format, complex images -- including full color inkjet printers, light-emitting diode (LED) monochrome printers and continuous tone digital photographic printers. Océ also offers optional scanning and copying technology for incorporating hardcopy data into a GIS. Already a recognized provider of these technologies to the GIS market, Océ will now offer its large format, GIS printing expertise with the support of ESRI.

"We are pleased to join ESRI's Business Partner Program as a Complementary Technology Partner," said Sal Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing, Océ Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America. "This will extend Océ's success in the GIS market. It also provides the ESRI user community the ability to enhance the productivity of printing and plotting their complex, often very large, images and quickly achieve the results they are expecting."

Océ Delivers Uncompromising Print Speed and Quality to ESRI Software Users

Dedicated to providing large format users in architecture, engineering, construction, design and GIS with constantly evolving hardware and software solutions to meet their changing needs, Océ recently introduced the Océ TCS500 - the fastest, most productive color GIS print-copy-scan system available.

"Based upon the recent demonstrations that I've seen, the Océ TCS500 provides significant advantages for printing large GIS files. In particular, the large internal hard drive and Océ Power Logic controller allows users to quickly manage and process large files typically associated with GIS Software," said Tom Murray, Technical Marketing Manager for the ESRI Denver Office. "Furthermore, the Océ TCS500's Dynamic Switching technology creates impressive mixed media maps where you don't have to sacrifice between text or legend quality and map image quality. In total, the Océ TCS500 helps eliminate many of the bottlenecks typically associated with moving information from the GIS into a finished map."

In addition to large format inkjet, Océ also offers two other print technologies for the GIS user. The Océ TDS line of fast, high-resolution monochrome LED printers are renown for their reliability and productive streamlining of workflow processes. For aerial photography and satellite imaging applications, the Océ LightJet 430 RS digital photographic laser printer offers an unbeatable combination of speed, quality and affordability. Its geometric accuracy tolerances are capable of supporting Remote Sensing and similar high-accuracy applications.

The ESRI Business Partner Program is a network of more than 2,000 domestic and international developers, consultants, data providers, complementary technology providers and value-added resellers who, utilizing ESRI technology, provide solutions to meet the geographic information system (GIS) needs of every industry. Working together, ESRI and its business partners solve business problems with new software applications, data and value-added services.

For more information on the Océ TCS500, For more information on the Océ TDS line, For more information on the Océ LightJet printers,, or call Océ at 800-714-4427.