Red Hen Systems Inc.releasedIsWhere for Google Earth, a utility that displays where GPS-tagged photos were taken. IsWhere works with any image that has GPS data stored in the image's EXIF header. The new utility allows users to quickly verify and communicate the spatial location of photos. Creating a Red Hen photo with GPS information embedded in the digital photo can be done in several ways. GPS data can be written to the photo at the time of collection with different integrated camera/GPS solutions such as the Nikon digital SLR cameras with Red Hen's DX-GPS, or with the Ricoh Caplio Pro G3 GPS-ready digital camera. Alternately, using only a GPS receiver and digital still camera, images can be matched with a GPS log file using Red Hen's time-matching methodology, available in two packages: PixPoint for ESRI's ArcGIS software and MediaMapper. IsWhere is available at Red Hen Systems' new e-commerce store at (Red Hen Systems, Fort Collins, Colo.)