Fairfax, Va.--3001 has been recognized as ESRI’s New Business Partner of the Year for the San Antonio Region. ESRI will announce the award in March at the Worldwide Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California.

3001 was recognized by ESRI for their emergency response efforts for the state of Louisiana following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. 3001 developed and implemented a unique processing approach to integrate USGS 30-meter digital elevation models (DEMs), their own 5-meter LiDAR DEMs of Louisiana, and GPS road centerline data to produce accurate road elevation data at each GPS point. Their ability to quickly integrate and synthesize datasets let them place maps for 27 impacted parishes in the hands of first responders, allowing the responders to determine proper transport mechanisms for evacuation and rescue efforts.

3001 has been developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) since the 1980s. Their expert GIS Managers, Analysts, Programmers and Technicians have extensive experience in database development, geographic data integration and internet map server (IMS) development for public works, facilities, critical infrastructure, and defense and intelligence programs. They are actively developing solutions for field-based and portable devices, from database architecture and map interface to web-based portals and server side applications.

About 3001
3001, the geospatial company, is a leading provider of geospatial data production and analysis, including airborne imaging, surveying, mapping, and GIS. 3001’s products and services are used for domestic and international civilian, defense, and intelligence initiatives, to develop and maintain public and private sector infrastructure, and to better understand the land and its resources.

For more information on 3001’s services, please visit www.3001inc.com or call 866.GEO.3001.