ORLANDO, Fla. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department has deployed the MultiVision 3D Plus oblique imagery solution as a tactical aid in positioning personnel to safely approach and enter the scenes of unfolding emergencies. The MultiVision 3D Plus system includes oblique aerial imagery and 3D viewing software which enables Kansas City Police to view buildings, alleys or entire neighborhoods from any perspective in three dimensions on their computer screens.

The MultiVision 3D Plus system won a bidding process conducted by Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), a non-governmental agency that supports seven Missouri and Kansas counties in the greater Kansas City area. The city of Kansas City, Missouri, purchased the MultiVision 3D Plus system for property appraisal and then shared it with the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), which saw the benefits of oblique imagery viewing for a variety of public safety applications.

Sgt. Patrick Rauzi, KCPD Crime Analyst Supervisor, has high praise for the oblique imagery system: “Our tactical commanders say this is one of the best new technologies they’ve ever had to help in these kinds of situations.”

The Kansas City SWAT team uses the MultiVision system for pre-planning their approach to hostage situations, barricade incidents and other emergencies. The team has already used the system for real-time assistance on critical emergency calls - termed “Operation 100s” - where an armed suspect has been barricaded inside a building.

Integrating the MultiVision 3D Plus package with a GIS mapping system, Kansas City SWAT teams are able to view and print layouts of buildings and their surrounding neighborhoods, to determine where traffic should be diverted, and to plan the best locations for tactical officers as they approach and enter a building. By combining the 3D imagery from MultiVision USA with live video feeds of the scene on mobile data terminals in the field, commanders can easily and accurately position tactical teams to ensure the highest level of safety for all involved.

“With this technology, we have high-resolution oblique images that allow us to see all sides of a building, draw a rough floor plan based on the locations of doors and windows, and then position personnel accordingly. We label each image so that those in our mobile command unit can effectively coordinate their team’s response to an incident,” Rauzi said.

MultiVision USA President Dave Ledgerwood said, “Our 3D images and software are ideal for any local and county governments. With MultiVision 3D Plus, we’ve added an entirely new set of uses. This is suitable for use in all kinds of 3D and multi-perspective viewing applications - for everything from 911 response to disaster planning, floodplain analysis and infrastructure asset management.”

The new MultiVision 3D Plus solution was developed to enable users to fully exploit the unrivaled clarity and information content of MultiVision USA oblique imagery. Acquired with a proprietary aerial imaging system, MultiVision 3D Plus imagery offers a pixel resolution of +3 inches, sufficient to identify and measure small building details or infrastructure assets. The MultiVision 3D Plus solution includes 3D modeling capabilities showing actual building facades, 3D flood simulation analyses, and integration of existing GIS layers.

Sgt. Rauzi anticipates using the technology in the future for other public safety applications as well, including parade- and marathon-route planning, and further analysis of areas experiencing high crime rates. MultiVision is also currently being used to analyze intersections with high accident rates to determine whether physical aspects of the area are contributing factors. Additional tactical officers in Kansas City are now being trained in the use of the MultiVision system, and the software will soon be aiding the city’s Street Narcotics Unit in pre-planning for serving search warrants as well.

About MultiVision USA
The MultiVision imagery database and software provide several advantages over other oblique aerial products. MultiVision processing technology registers the oblique images to standard orthophotography to create a multi-dimensional viewing environment in the end user’s chosen coordinate system, resulting in accurate feature identification and measurement. In addition, the MultiVision software provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functionality. Perhaps most importantly, MultiVision clients own the imagery they purchase from MultiVision USA. MultiVision continues to grow rapidly county by county throughout the USA providing the most advanced and user friendly professional oblique imagery solution to all users within state, county and local governments.