FARO Technologies Inc. released seven specialized software packages that enhance the capability of its Laser Scanner LS product line. The new industry-specific software packages enable users to process and present their results quickly and more effectively. The seven available software packages include: FARO Process, Power & Piping with INOVx's PlantLINx; FARO Design Studio with Geomagic's Studio 8; FARO Compare with Geomagic's Qualify 8; FARO Architecture with Autodesk ADTl; FARO Heritage with JRC's Reconstructor; FARO Tunnel & Mining with ATS's RR-Tunnel and Mining; and FARO Forensic. All of these tools cooperate directly with FARO Scene, FARO's software for viewing, administrating, calibrating, filtering and managing 3D point clouds collected with the FARO Laser Scanner LS. (FARO, Lake Mary, Fla.)