Salt Lake City, Utah. -- InteliSum Inc. (ISI) announced the release of its latest LD3Studio Software Suite. The new product greatly enhances productivity in capturing and processing real world 3-D environments (Life Dimensional 3-D), according to Frank Algarin, ISI vice president of Sales.

ISI's LD3Studio 3.1 product is the only 3-D software package available to capture and process real world data scenes, says Algarin, and will serve customers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) market.

"This milestone marks a tremendous advancement in our customer's ability to capture, process and visualize real world environments directly from their computer desktops," Algarin explains. "Now customers can stitch together hundreds of real world 3-D (LD3) scenes and zoom in on areas of interest to perform their desktop surveying tasks."

"LD3Studio Version 3.1 contains a major enhancement called "˜data thinning' which allows LD3 files to be easily manipulated, viewed and measured in real time with minimal impact to data quality," says Stan Coleby, ISI vice president of Engineering. "Another key attribute is called "˜plug-in capable'," says Coleby, "which allows popular third-party 3-D software applications to interface with the LD3Studio Software Suite."

LD3Viewer 3.1, ISI's full-featured software viewer product allowing users to navigate a real world 3-D environment, measure distance, angles, latitude, longitude and elevation, is available as a free download at www.intelisum.comby clicking the link "download viewer."

About InteliSum Inc.

Intelisum (ISI), headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is delivering the next generation 3-D visualization and design technologies to the worldwide AEC community.

ISI is the exclusive holder of technology and patents which fuses Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) XYZ position coordinates, digital imaging (RGB data) and geophysical information (GPS) to give "intelligence" to every pixel in the scene (InteliPixel).

InteliSum distributes its LD3Studio software consisting of LD3Viewer, LD3Designer, LD3Modeler and LD3Imager, allowing users to capture real world 3-Dimensional scenes and stitch them together into full featured intelligent environments.

For the first time users are free to perform complete survey tasks right from their computer desktop using real world 3-D data, which delivers accuracy, speed and cost efficiency to their work environment.