Trimbleannounced enhancements to itsLM80 Layout Manager and Trimble LM80 Desktop office software. The LM80 Layout Manager is a pocket-sized, personal layout tool that lets contractors enter their blueprint and create a digital replica. LM80 version 2.0 features improved measurement to measure lines and accurately lay out flat or sloping surfaces. The LM80 Desktop software is a PC-based office software support tool for use with the LM80 Layout Manager. Using the LM80 Desktop software, users can create a digital replica of the blueprint, load it onto LM80 Layout Manager and prepare it in the office for layout in the field. New functionality in Trimble LM80 Desktop includes: plan capability to generate electronic copies of blueprints in the office; COGO functions to perform coordinate geometry calculations in the office; and new CAD file improvements to use the DXF files as background line work that can be transferred to the LM80 Layout Manager. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)