CSI’S HEMISPHERE GPS DIVISIONintroduced theCrescent R100 Series DGPS Receiver. The R100 Series features a 12 channel L1 GPS receiver with code and phase measurements; reliable DGPS positioning under 60 cm with an output rate of up to 20 times per second; simple user interface and status lights that allow easy configuration and receiver monitoring; and a radar-simulated pulse output to provide accurate ground speed. The receivers also feature Hemisphere GPS’ COAST and e-Dif technologies. COAST software enables Hemisphere GPS receivers to utilize old differential GPS correction data for more than 40 minutes without significantly affecting the quality of positioning. e-Dif technology enables Hemisphere GPS receivers to achieve DGPS-quality positioning accuracies without the need for a differential signal. The R100 Series is available with several options for DGPS sources, including Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (WAAS, EGNOS, etc.), Radio Beacon and OmniSTAR corrections. (Hemisphere GPS and CSI Wireless, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)