San Diego--ER Mapper Image Compressor is a cost- effective desktop application for high-speed JPEG 2000 or ECW image compression. ER Mapper Image Compressor begins a new era of low-cost geospatial image compression where any organization, large or small, can maximize the value of geospatial imagery by using compression.

Image compression is used to make large datasets more accessible and easier-to-use in GIS and other desktop applications. This allows the true value of imagery to be exploited. Raster imagery is increasingly becoming a default base data layer in many GIS applications.

A key feature of Image Compressor is its high-speed image compression to the open standard JPEG 2000 format. The adoption of the JPEG 2000 format ensures maximum data interoperability between software applications as well between organizations. JPEG 2000 is particularly attractive to government agencies needing to comply with Freedom of Information legislation.

The flexible "pay-once" licensing model is multi-tiered to fit an organizations budget and imagery assets. The tiered licensing levels are based on input-file sizes - not per megabyte compression charging.

"An Image Compressor with a 100 gigabyte input file license will let people compress as many 100 gigabyte image files as they like. There are no additional costs or charges," comments Chris Ribbel, ER Mapper Americas Region President.

Image Compressor provides color balancing, mosaicking, cropping, reprojection and many other features to compliment the image compression work-flow. All of this is accessed via an easy-to-use interface.

Web Seminar
At 3pm (EST) on 7th March, ER Mapper will hold a web seminar launching the Image Compressor product. George Davis, ER Mapper Technical Manager, will host the seminar that will demonstrate the features of the Image Compressor. After the seminar, users will have the opportunity to discuss the Image Compressor with George on ER Mapper’s forum.

A trial version of the software will also be available for download. To register for the seminar, please

About ER Mapper:
ER Mapper has been pioneering advances in the processing, storage and distribution of geospatial imagery since its inception in 1989. ER Mapper develops both Desktop and Enterprise Geospatial Imagery applications. The company's innovative solutions are used across a broad spectrum of industries including; Local, State and Federal Government, Defense, Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas. ER Mapper is a global organization with offices in San Diego, Seattle, New York, London, Madrid, Singapore, Perth and Melbourne. The company also has a large network of resellers around the globe. For more information about ER Mapper and the ER Mapper suite of products please go