SOKKIAannounced theGSR2700 ISX GPS unit. The GSR2700 features a fully integrated, triple-frequency, high-performance receiver with GPS plus Russian-based GLONASS satellite tracking capability. The receiver offers 72 universal channels for increased satellite coverage and improved performance on the job. It also features improved RTK performance, seamless Virtual Reference Station support, multiple Bluetooth connection options and support for GPS L2C and L5 signals. The system is cable free and easy to set up and operate in base and rover modes. The receiver also offers audible status notification in the field, and is available in multiple languages and generic tones. The GSR2700 ISX is equipped with rugged magnesium alloy housing, provides complete protection against dust ingress and is water immersible up to 1.0 meters. (SOKKIA Company Ltd., Olathe, Kan.)


Leica Geosystemsannounced theMPiA (Multiple Pulses in Air) technology, a new patent-pending advanced laser system that measures distances at significantly higher rates than conventional time-of-flight measurement tools. MPiA technology has been tested in real-world applications and is ready for incorporation into product lines. Unlike current time-of-flight systems, MPiA technology does not depend on receiving the target reflection before starting the next distance measurement cycle. Users will now be able to obtain the same distance measurements in less than half the time without sacrificing data accuracy. (Leica Geosystems, Norcross, Ga.)


Corbley Communications Inc.addedmarketing communications services to its Small Business Development Program. Corbley Communications first launched the program to assist small geospatial companies in promoting their businesses through professional communications campaigns. The program offers public relations services and consulting to qualified companies in all segments of the geotechnologies industry. It is designed for small businesses that want to improve profitability by raising their profiles in the marketplace and promoting their geospatial products domestically or internationally. The program is open to geospatial firms that have fewer than 12 employees or have been in business less than five years. The new services include business plan writing and electronic newsletter production. Other services include public relations campaign development, press release writing and distribution, article writing and placement and web content production. (Corbley Communications Inc., Winchester, Va.)


SECO Manufacturing Company Inc.introducedtwo new hook bracketsthat attach to the back of a Ranger 300/500, TSC2 or Recon controller. The bracket allows the controller to be easily attached to an instrument tripod. Each bracket kit includes an anodized aluminum bracket, stainless steel screws, an installation tool and an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. (SECO, Redding, Calif.)

Optech Incorporated announced that its ALTM Gemini now operates at 167 kHz laser pulse repetition frequency. ALTM Gemini retains all of the performance characteristics of the ALTM 3100EA, but offers a 62 percent increase in data coverage. Optech’s DASHMap supports the ALTM Gemini’s new laser speeds and enables ALTM Gemini owners to maximize flight operations and post-processing. (Optech, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Optech Incorporatedannounced that its ALTM Gemini now operates at 167 kHz laser pulse repetition frequency. ALTM Gemini retains all of the performance characteristics of the ALTM 3100EA, but offers a 62 percent increase in data coverage. Optech’s DASHMap supports the ALTM Gemini’s new laser speeds and enables ALTM Gemini owners to maximize flight operations and post-processing. (Optech, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Berntsen International Inc.released astep-by-step instructional video for rod monument installation. The free, self-guided video details how to set the simplest to the most complex rod monuments. In the three-part video, the viewer chooses the type of rod monument to set, then steps through the video at his or her own self-directed pace, clicking to review a step or moving forward when ready. The video can be viewed (Berntsen International, Madison, Wis.)


MapMartannounced its offering of theESRI Business Analyst Online reporting and mapping serviceas part of its mapping and software products. As an ESRI Business Partner, MapMart provides demographic and business reports and maps for informed business decisions through Business Analyst Online. (MapMart, Denver, Colo.)(ESRI, Redlands, Calif.)


Blue Marble Geographicsannounced thatER Mapper licensed the GeoCalc 6.3 C++ software developer toolkitto enhance and expand its coordinate system definition and conversion support. GeoCalc 6.3 is the largest commercially available coordinate system library, supporting geodetic parameter definition matches for all major GIS software and industry standard organizations. The tool is a fully object-oriented, cross platform software developer kit designed for complex coordinate system definition and conversion in an easy-to-use interface. It utilizes an XML data source and provides the latest support for well-known text (WKT) coordinate system definitions per Open GIS specifications. The human-readable capabilities of the XML data source in GeoCalc are important for ease of use in geodetic development projects. GeoCalc has fully functioning dialogs that allow the user to define custom systems, ellipsoids, datums, datum shifts and units without having to edit a text file. GeoCalc also supports coordinate system definition straight from TAB or PRJ files. (Blue Marble, Gardiner, Maine)(ER Mapper, San Diego, Calif.)


Safe SoftwareannouncedFME Feature Data Source for Autodesk Map 3D, MapGuide Enterprise, MapGuide Open Source and MapGuide Studio. FME Feature Data Source gives Autodesk’s geospatial product users a connection to dozens of FME-supported formats using open source Feature Data Objects (FDO) technology. Users can access value-added versions of their data on the go, leveraging the powerful data transformation capabilities of FME Workbench workspaces saved as custom formats. (Safe Software, Surrey, British Colombia, Canada)(Autodesk, San Raphael, Calif.)


Sanbornannounced theSanborn GEOBOOK Author softwareto simplify access to and the distribution of geographic data. The GEOBOOK Author framework provides a flexible, cost-effective solution that makes it easy to publish and distribute geospatial data. Based on Sanborn’s GEOBOOK application, the Author software provides the capability to quickly build GEOBOOKs by embedding interactive maps, text documents, images and other data visualization controls. By removing format and platform compatibility challenges in ways that are transparent to the user, the GEOBOOK Author combines GIS data with imagery and documentation to provide dynamic output for multiple disciplines to use and understand. (Sanborn, Colorado Springs, Colo.)


Océannounced the newOcé TDS700 large format monochrome printer. The Océ TDS700 is a mid-volume system that quickly prints, copies and scans technical documents. The modular design of the Océ TDS700 contains thousands of different hardware and software configurations, including optional color scanning, making the system flexible enough to address a wide range of business environments. Its future-proof design adapts to changes in document workflow as businesses evolve. (Océ, Chicago)


SPAL USAreleased theWSS Remote Magnetic Alarm Sensor, allowing owners to build a custom security system. The WSS is a radio frequency transmitter that communicates with SPAL USA’s AS-80 alarm system. When triggered, it sends a signal to the AS-80 unit, activating an audible alarm. The transmitters have an operational range of up to 100 feet and more than 30 WSS transmitters can be coded to a single AS-80 unit. Both the AS-80 unit and WSS transmitter use the latest technology (433 MHz, random encrypted code with Sound Acoustic Wave) to ensure optimum performance. (SPAL USA, Ankeny, Iowa)


kubit GmbHlaunchedPhoToPlan software version 4.0. PhoToPlan allows the rectification of digital or digitalized photos and scales directly in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. The rectification is carried out with reference values that are taken at the photographed object. In CAD programs, area and linear dimensions can be taken directly from the corrected photo. PhoToPlan version 4.0 is fully compatible with AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD 2007 LT, and is available in German or English.