DVP-G S (Q C, Canada) is pleased to announce the release of Version 6.4 of its professional photogrammetry software.

This updated version offers new and improved functionality that increases productivity. Key features in this update include:

. • Enhanced Vector editing tools like: Move multiple vertices (including shared vertices betw een 2 or more elements) and element smoothing
. • Better management of vector reference files. N ow instantly update vector files that are used in a multi-user data capturing project
. • Vector file backup history has been added (storing the last 10 backups)

Other main enhancements in Version 6.4:

. • Optimization of the import of orientations from ASCIIO PKXYZ and PATB file formats
. • Vector file locking to avoid operators overwriting files
. • M ore functions ported to our Javascript macro programming engine

While DVP can function in stand-alone m ode, compatibility is always a major concern for us and our users, therefore this release continues to include plugins for Microstation (SE, J, 8), ArcG IS (9.2), and for AutoCAD (2000-2007).

In DVP-G S’s evolving R& D efforts, please take note that the Version 7.0 upgrade w ill be available in December that includes m any new features, including autom ated seam line collection for the mosaic process. Users with current maintenance contracts will be automatically notified.

Groupe ALTA, the DVP-GS parent company, will strive to continually deliver high-quality software solutions that meet and exceed our users’ expectations. DVP software has been sold in m ore than 80 countries since 1989 and is a powerful user-friendly photogrammetric and digital im agery software for mapping and GIS professionals.

Source: DVP-GS, September 4, 2007.