Vancouver, BC - Safe Software, makers of the FME spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) platform for geospatial data, announced a joint agreement with Oregon-based TCI Software. The agreement will see TCI’s Curvefitter linear optimization technology integrated into the upcoming release of FME 2007, providing users with the capability to create smooth linework from "point to point" linework while reducing file size by up to 80 percent. File size reductions of this magnitude will result in much faster processing times for CAD and GIS data, and fewer processing problems caused by limited available memory. By intelligently inserting arcs into linework that depicts map features, Curvefitter technology also allows FME users to create more visually appealing maps.

“What is particularly exciting about this integration is that FME’s sophisticated data manipulation capability allows Curvefitter technology to be extended beyond simple linework to process complex linework with shared boundaries. FME can automatically determine which linework segments are used by multiple boundaries, curvefit those segments separately, and then reassemble the boundaries using the same curvefitted segment. Complex linework with topology such as parcels, or natural features such as vegetation and soil types, can now be optimized while maintaining topological integrity,” said Tom Inloes, President of TCI Software.

Curvefitter creates dramatically smaller file sizes by reducing the amount of data required to represent smooth linework. Guided by a fuzzy logic processor, Curvefitter replaces a series of line segments with a combination of lines and arc segments to create smooth curving lines. In many cases this process improves the visual appeal of the map by recreating curves that are present in real-world features.

“Safe Software is extremely pleased that TCI has joined the growing number of companies that have made valuable functionality available to a wider number of users by integrating their technology into FME,” said Dale Lutz, VP of Product Development, Safe Software. “Since 1992, AutoCAD users worldwide have employed Curvefit technology. Now we can bring the power of Curvefit to all applications that support arcs, including Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation, Intergraph GeoMedia, ESRI ArcGIS and Oracle Spatial.”

Curvefitter technology is available as an extra-cost item for the upcoming release of FME 2007. For more information on Curvefitter, visit

Source: Safe Software, June 4, 2007.