BENTLEY SYSTEMS INCORPORATED releasedBentley OnSite, its latest stakeout and inspection solution. Bentley OnSite empowers field crews to: do away with reverse-engineering in the office; directly access the right information in the field; keep an electronic record of all field activities; keep an accurate, current status of the project at all times; and deliver a complete, accurate record for as-built status. Using a single tablet PC or PDA device, Bentley OnSite delivers graphical applications for field stakeout, project inspection and design information management, and interoperates with a full array of design/engineering data to streamline construction/engineering/inspection activities. Drawings, geometry, drainage network, quantities and digital terrain model information from Bentley GEOPAK, InRoads and MX, and from LandXML files, are intelligently indexed and compiled in the Design Archive of the Bentley Onsite Administrator for direct access to the right data in real-time. Information such as the pay item or material number, design quantity, description, phase or status, computation method, computed date, location and elevation can be viewed by selecting and reporting on the associated graphic element. Bentley Stakeout automates the stakeout process by eliminating preparation of staking information prior to entering the field. Used in conjunction with GPS, users can retrieve realtime elevation measurements and compare these to the design for instant cut/fill calculations and staking details. The Field Database is continually updated with handwritten notes, sketches, digital images and voice recordings. (Bentley, Exton, Pa.)