Optech Incorporated’s Industrial & 3D Imaging Division and Applied Imagery released Version 6.0.0 Quick Terrain Modeler software. In an ongoing strategic partnership, Optech will continue to provide Applied Imagery’s Quick Terrain Modeler Software with Automated Alignment functionality as a standard tool in Optech’s line of Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging Systems (ILRIS) at no additional cost. Enhancements to Quick Terrain Modeler Scan Alignment include: scanner origin tracking to create and export the ILRIS position for use during the georegistration process; georegistration, where users can import georeference points from an ASCII file and correlate them to points in the scans; stationary scan selection, where aligned scans are automatically transformed to the scan coordinates of the stationary scan; merge sessions to link multiple sets of pre-aligned ILRIS scans; auto alignment for multiple regions of interest; and resizable preview windows for easier and more precise anchor placement. (Optech, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)(Applied Imagery, Silver Spring, Md.)