Version 4.1 includes several enhancements.

FARO Technologies Inc. released FARO Scene v4.1. Enhancements to FARO Scene v4.1 include: new Wi-Fi/WLAN scanner connection, enabling users to control scanning from their PDA, mobile phone, laptop or other Internet Explorer-equipped devices; advanced noise reduction for cleaner scans; more than 86 percent faster color capture speed (2-3 minutes versus 15 minutes) for high quality and automatic overlays of 50 million color pixels; fully automatic color scan white balancing for improved contrast and clarity; new color bracket and calibration method, minimizing parallax errors and maximizing the fit of color on 3D shapes; compatibility with NIKON D70s or NIKON D200 cameras for color scanning; automatic filter action, improving scan quality and decreasing post-processing time; and a new Draw-to-CAD feature, enabling users to create 3D AutoCAD drawings on the fly by sketching lines in FARO Scene’s Photo-View.