Leica Geosystems released Leica TruView and Cyclone Publisher. Used in conjunction with Cyclone Publisher to generate point clouds, Leica TruView is freeware for professionals who want to easily view and measure detailed laser scan point clouds without having to be a laser scanning, CAD or 3D expert. Cyclone Publisher, a new module of Leica Geosystems’ Cyclone Software, publishes as-built or topographic point clouds and images in a user-friendly, panoramic viewing format. Through Publisher, published point cloud data can be posted to the web for immediate viewing, measuring and markup anywhere in the world. Published point cloud data can also be saved on local files, CDs or FTP sites. With Leica TruView, professionals can view, zoom or pan over point clouds naturally. Using a simple panoramic viewer approach, users see high-definition survey point clouds on the computer screen as if they were standing where the laser scanner captured the scan data. Simple controls on TruView allow users to rotate the view as if they were turning their head.