LIVERMORE, Calif.-- The latest release of a new version of Topcon Positioning Systems’ 3D Office and Pocket 3D software – Version 6.11 – offers significant new enhancements to existing and new users of the popular 3-D machine control and construction field software.

The new 3D machine control software has a new real-time, color-coded cut/fill mapping feature displaying where material is located on the job site and where it needs to be moved. By simply comparing the existing surface to the finish design, the operator can see on the control box cut, fill and on grade areas in different colors (colors are selectable). The colors can also be shaded so deeper cuts and greater fills are displayed in darker colors. As the operator moves across the site, the screen automatically changes color to represent the cut or fill required to achieve grade. With this feature every operator, even new ones, can move the material to the right spot the first time. When completed, the surface fill can be saved as an as-built for finish grade confirmation.

The cut/fill feature can also be used for compaction verification in waste landfills or building pads. Users can define screen color changes by the number of passes over an area or by a special “previous pass height differential,” which changes screen color based upon a predetermined change in elevation. This new option ensures optimum compaction in the fewest passes possible saving time and equipment cost.

With 3D-MC and Pocket 3D software users can now set up their machines and survey rovers to work within a network. Networks eliminate the need for a base station, allowing operators and grade checkers to simply turn on their system and begin working. The “instant on” availability saves time on small and large projects resulting in increased productivity and profits. Best of all, Topcon’s mmGPS can work within a network as well, guaranteeing even the tightest tolerance specs can be met.

The following is a list of features for the new 6.11 software suite of products:

3D-MC features:

-- Cut/fill mapping;
-- CAT PWM joystick interface;
-- Advanced coordinate system support;
-- Network system support;
-- Graphics distinguishing between surfaces and alignments;
-- Dual-mast dozer machine configurations;
-- Improved steering lightbar;
-- Reference surfaces, and;
-- John Deere 750J/850J support.

Pocket 3D features:
-- Robotic total station support;
-- Advanced coordinate system support;
-- Network system support;
-- Digital DSP UHF radio support, and;
-- Graphics distinguishing between surfaces and alignments.

3D Office features
-- Cut/fill mapping, and;
-- AutoCAD export.

“Topcon’s 3D-MC 6.11 software allows field tasks to be completed faster and easier than ever before,” said Jason Killpack, Topcon senior manager of product marketing. “The new 6.11 can depict any job site in multiple colors makes it easy for any operator to visualize where the extra material is and where it has to go, vastly improving his or her productivity. It’s easy to learn, and easier to use.”

About Topcon Positioning Systems:Topcon Positioning Systems, a developer and manufacturer of positioning equipment, offers the world’s leading selection of innovating precision GPS, GIS, laser, agriculture, optical surveying, and machine control products, software, and applications. Topcon Corporation is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).