Baltimore, MD, September 18, 2006, Global Imaging Technologies (GIT) announces the launch of its GIT G2010 sensor series. The size of a small suitcase and at 20Kg (44lbs) about a tenth of the weight of current digital systems, the G2010IMU model incorporates highly accurate IMU that is coupled to GPS. The frames are just under 8,000 pixels wide. On top of that, the system is fully automated and comes with an internal storage capability of 1,000GB.

"When we designed the G2010 series, our goal was to develop the next generation sensor," says Ryan Johnson, President of Global Imaging Technologies. "The G2010 series is just that. It is smaller, lighter, faster, and simply unsurpassed in its image quality. In combination with our innovative processing capabilities, we are able to provide geospatial data at highly competitive prices."

The G2010 series provides innovation, quality and affordability to meet the ever-increasing demand for geospatial data acquisition and processing.

Global Imaging Technologies is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland. They are a developer of state-of-the-art imaging systems and a geo-spatial acquisition provider. It was founded in 2000, by Ryan Johnson. Global Imaging Technologies sells its products under the GIT brand.