El Segundo, Calif.-In the period of one week, Airborne 1 Corporation, a leading provider of advanced LiDAR services, rentals and software worldwide, purchased its fourth Optech ALTM sensor and fill the position of CFO.

Airborne 1 has purchased a new Optech ALTM sensor to further expand the company's fleet of LiDAR systems. This sensor, in addition to the ones they already own from the same manufacturer, will allow the company to increase efficiency and continue to meet current and future demand for services. Airborne 1 continues to purchase Optech sensors because of their many technical capabilities, rugged construction, and more than thirty years of experience in the industry. "Each new sensor is successively more profitable. This new sensor is strategically important as it allows us to offer availability with minimal waiting for clients across the country and continue to provide quick turn-around," reported Airborne 1's General Counsel, Gerhard Renner.

In addition to the new sensor there is a new face at Airborne 1. Ted Lanes has officially begun his new position as CFO. Todd Stennett, Airborne 1's CEO, is confident that the new team member will make a great addition to the Airborne 1 team, "We are excited about his being here and look forward to working with him to achieve the company's strategic and day-to-day goals."

Lanes, a USC graduate, has ten years of CFO experience in both the private and public sector. "He is already making things happen," said Michael Coffman, Airborne 1's Manager of Finance & Administration, "These are very exciting times for Airborne 1."

Airborne 1 may be contacted for more information on its products, services, and business solutions at (310) 414-7400 or via email at info@airborne1.com.

About Airborne 1

Airborne 1 Corporation (www.airborne1.com) provides advanced LiDAR technology and asset management for partners in the photogrammetry, surveying and mapping fields. From Turnkey Services, to Software/Training, Rentals, Fractional Ownership Plans, and Franchising Opportunities, Airborne 1 enables professionals worldwide to effectively enter the LiDAR market without having to incur the high costs of owning a sensor. Airborne 1's digital mapping services and solutions include a dedicated team of LiDAR surveying experts, state-of-the-art Optech ALTM sensors, LiDAR data processing analysis and application development, as well as LiDAR field survey coordination and project management.

About Optech

Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. In addition to the ALTM, Optech products and applications include: the ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging Systems; the SHOALS family of airborne LiDAR bathymeter products, atmospheric monitoring and space-based systems, mine Cavity Monitoring Systems, and industrial process control solutions.

Source: Airborne 1, November 8, 2006.