The new version includes several enhancements.

Topcon released version 6.11 of TopSURV field software. The new version includes: Windows Mobile 5 operating system; support for both the PanAM and Anik WAAS satellites; L2C s/n to view the new modernized GPS signal; support for new G24 internal GSM modem in the GR-3 GNSS receiver; support for new DSP Digital internal and external UHF radio systems; enhanced GMS-2 field controller wireless total station support; additional digital level sensors; OEM or user customizable splash screen; clip/Ispol formats; enhanced LandXML file function; Import/Export of road alignment files between jobs; enhanced user interface for edit/selection of multiple road alignments, profiles and cross section sets; cross section viewer; and overview map with image for design pt, current pt and toggle between stakeout plot view and map view.