Chevy Chase, MD- Victor O. Schinnerer & Company announces its new online application for Land Surveyors professional liability. This latest technological development helps to simplify the application process by saving time and effort-for both brokers and clients.

In addition to quotes being delivered and processed more quickly-which ultimately improves customer service-the new online application has many time saving features:
  • Pauseallows the applicant to save the application mid-stream if they are interrupted and come back to it later with a tracking number.
  • Forwardallows the applicant to email the application to others for help in completing certain sections.
  • Submitsends the application directly to Schinnerer. Copies are automatically sent to all email addresses included on the application, including the broker and the prospective insured.
  • Attachmentallows documents of all kinds-biographies, financials, resumes, etc. to be attached to the online application instead of mailing them separately.
  • Coded Links.These are links customized for the broker that, when accessed, pre-fills the application with the brokerage information. When the application is submitted, you get a copy and we know who to send the quote to. Brokers can send the coded links to prospects via email, providing an easy and efficient way to attract smaller businesses. Brokers can request a coded link through Schinnerer's Broker Launchpad.

Access the Land Surveyors E&O Application at:www.Schinnerer.comand select Land Surveyors E&O. You can also can also access the form directly at:

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