JAVAD GNSS announced its first ever user conference and dealer meeting to be held July 21 through July 23 in Moscow. The user conference will be an annual event, with future events to be held in San Francisco as well, according to JAVAD.

The three-day Moscow conference has been scheduled to allow participants to sightsee in Moscow and St. Petersburg after the conference.

The technical sessions include:

  • fundamentals of precision GNSS
  • hardware issues in Precision GNSS
  • precision GNSS antennas
  • virtual reference stations
  • multipath and signal interference
  • GLONASS particulars
  • TRIUMPH-1 and RTK
  • TRIUMPH-4X and 4x4 RTK
  • Tracy controller software
  • Justin GIS and Geodetic software
  • Giodis geodetic post processing software
  • OEM boards
  • Q&A session

The conference will be useful for dealers, users, and potential customers, people who want to visit Moscow and Russia, and for their friends, according to JAVAD. For more information,