Colorado Springs, Colo., August 28, 2006-John Copple, CEO of Sanborn, an industry leader in geospatial solutions based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is pleased to announce that the company has been selected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Resources Inventory and Assessment Division (RIAD), to provide fulltime onsite remote sensing services under a five year contract.

Sanborn was contracted to provide an onsite workforce for three Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) established under the USDAâˆ' NRCS as the result of a formally advertised and competitive acquisition process in which the government evaluated cost and technical proposals submitted by the interested offerors. The program ensures more consistent, efficient state-of-the-art data collection for the National Resources Inventory (NRI), a statistical survey designed to estimate natural resource conditions and trends on the Nation's non-federal land.

According to Jerry Harlow, resource inventory leader, Resources Inventory and Assessment Division of NRCS, "This program is important to the USDAâˆ' NRCS as the consolidation of efforts will ensure credibility, process efficiencies, and allows us to invest in, state-of-the-art digital technology."

The NRCS Resources Inventory and Assessment Division conducts statistical surveys of land use and natural resource conditions and trends. Information from the NRI plays a key role in the development of conservation policy and programs of the nation, serves to educate the public regarding natural resources issues, and provides a comprehensive nationally consistent source of data for researchers in fields such as natural conservation, land use, wetlands, and agricultural development.

Sanborn will provide a team that offers a balance of technical skills, and onsite program management expertise to ensure success of the objectives of the RSL. All on-site staff are pre-qualified and go through an established certification process to ensure the RSL's data collection process will meet all the data collection and quality assurance protocols.

"Sanborn understands the importance of this program and specifically the RSL's to NRCS and the entire nation. Sanborn is honored to be selected as the contractor of choice," remarks Jim Schriever, vice president, Sanborn solutions. "The USDA is an important client and we look forward to continuing to strengthen and expand our existing working relations with the agency." With a total of 144 employees, Sanborn will facilitate and manage Remote Sensing Laboratories located in, Greensboro, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon, and Fort Worth, Texas. Sanborn personnel will be responsible for aerial photo interpretation and remote sensing methods used to detect changes in land use and resource conditions at NRI's 800,000 sample sites.

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