Red Hen Systemsreleased itsRed Hen Media Server (RHMS). The enterprise access model of the RHMS enables users of spatial multimedia to collaborate using a standard web browser anywhere in the world. The Red Hen Media Server RHMS also provides real-time updating, eliminating the need for manual version control. All components of the infrastructure needed to host a common repository of spatial multimedia and legacy map data are included, as well as version control for spatial data derived from the continued interpretation of audiovisual media. Users have both image-centric and map-centric access to the data, providing a variety of ways they can query and analyze the data and increase their knowledge and understanding. Within this enterprise access model, spatial multimedia users can be distributed globally using a standard Web browser. Everyone in the enterprise has access to the most current information in the RHMS and can update in-field information by E-mailing new images to the server. (Red Hen Systems, Fort Collins, Colo.)