SECO Manufacturing Company Inc.introduced four new accessory products, including two new adapters forCORS- or VRS-type GPS antenna mounts. One fits a standard two-inch threaded pipe (used as a mast), and the other (used for masonry), drills three 5/8-inch holes to anchor its 3/8 x

2-1/2-inch stainless steel bolts and fill with epoxy to set. Both bodies are made of anodized aluminum and have a rotating brass adapter that locks in the azimuth direction and is removable when necessary. An extension is also available from SECO that adds an additional 47 mm of height. The extension features 5/8-11 threads and is made from black anodized aluminum. Also new is a DE rod bracket that holds the Spectra Precision HR550 laser receiver squarely onto a rod with a laser rail while both front and back receiver windows remain exposed for easy viewing. (SECO, Redding, Calif.)