FARO Technologies, Inc. (Germany) has released a set of specialised software packages that enhance the capability of its Laser Scanner LS product line.

"The software packages enable us to cover at least 80% of the LS' broad market potential," FARO President and Co-CEO Jay Freeland said. "Each package offers a specialised solution for professionals in Architecture, Historical Preservation, Forensic Investigation, Tunnel & Mining, Product Design and Quality Assurance, as well as Process and Power Plants, Re-Engineering and Asset Management. In order to deliver the most effective solutions to our customers, we partnered with the leading software in each industry.

The FARO Laser Scanner LS is a portable, computerised measurement device that creates a high-resolution, 3-D, digital "˜photograph' by scanning everything in its 360- degree path up to 80m away. It collects 120,000 points per second with up to 3mm accuracy, while the system's laptop computer draws and records all of the object's 3- D measurements.

The eight available software packages include:
  • FARO Architecture with Autodesk ADT
  • FARO Heritage with JRC's Reconstructor
  • FARO Design Studio with Geomagic's Studio 8
  • FARO Compare with Geomagic's Qualify 8
  • FARO Forensic with FARO Scene Forensic
  • FARO Process, Power & Piping with INOVx's PlantLINx
  • FARO Process, Power & Piping with BitWyse's LASERGENSuite FARO Tunnel & Mining with ATS's RR-Tunnel and Mining.

Source: FARO Technologies, August 29, 2006.