A South Carolina land surveyor comes to the rescue of 11 rabbits, five ducks, three goats, three guinea hens, seven pheasants, 16 chickens, 17 quail, 10 white pigeons, two dogs, one cat and 25 quail--to be exact.

Wednesday, Jun 11, 2008 - 09:59 PM Updated: 08:29 AM
By Tim Gehret
Photojournalist: Brian Miller

A Hollywood man is facing thousands of dollars in fines, not for what he was doing to the roughly 100 animals in his back yard.
Charleston County detectives say it's what Robert Gilliard wasn't doing that caught their attention.
Nine different species of animals were hauled away from Gilliard's home in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon.
"It's a bad situation," said Lt. Jack Scarborough.