WEBSTER GROVES, Mo., June 15th, 2006---Seiler Instrument Survey Division announced today the implementation of an exciting Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Network Solution for the Midwest. Utilizing the Trimble VRS ™ (Virtual Reference Station) technology along with GPSnet software provides the operator reference stations and rover receivers in the virtual network. Seiler Instrument has expanded the geographic territory covered by a single administrator and provides scalable GPS infrastructure solutions under the new Seiler Midwest RTK Network (www.mwrtk.net).

Using the MWRTK network eliminates the need to own and operate your own GPS base station receiver and radio modem saving time and money. By utilizing GPS receivers, data collectors and cell phones that have Bluetooth wireless communication built in to them, it is possible to have a completely cable free rover operation. The Midwest RTK network is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users of the network simply dial in to the network using a data ready, Internet capable cell phone to receive their position quickly and reliably

Seiler Midwest RTK Network covers the following areas: The Saint Louis RTK Network is comprised of twelve Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) covering approximately 5000 square miles in the ten Missouri and Illinois counties comprising the Saint Louis metropolitan area. The Indianapolis RTK Network is comprised of eleven stations covering 4,000 square miles and eight counties that encompass the Indianapolis/Indiana metropolitan area. The Milwaukee -Southeastern Wisconsin RTK Network covers approximately 4,000 square miles with six stations that encompass the Milwaukee metropolitan area and Southeastern Wisconsin.

In addition to the real time data available by subscription, Seiler stores RINEX data files from all of our base stations that may be used. See our website for full details atwww.mwrtk.net