North Canton, Ohio, May 26, 2006.GEI Wide Format Solutions, a Visual Edge Technology Company and one of North America's leading wide format imaging equipment and software marketers, has added a versatile, all-digital multifunction product to its line-up that is specifically designed for the mid-volume user market.

"We've had a very successful launch of the GEI 4636 which not only adds capabilities like 8D per minute print speed and 4 roll paper capacity, but also innovative features like 18" x 24" cut sheet printing and wireless scanning," said Roger Ilgen , National Sales Director, GEI Wide Format Solutions. "It's the perfect solution for many AEC, advertising and reprographic firms who need powerful user tools and advanced technology that's backed up by national service support as well as an available professional services team."

The GEI 4636 user-friendly features include easy front access and no-hassle paper handling and paper roll replacement and it's packed with powerful user tools and utilities. Its advanced technology incorporates multiple security features that ensure information stays protected, including erasable data HDD and encryption. The optional Embedded Scanner allows the copier to be upgraded for scanning to e-mail and folder and to use utilities like Web Image Monitor and TWAIN Driver. By adding the 4636 Controller the system can be upgraded to support network printing from Windows, MAC and UNIX and by adding its Scan Option, the GEI 4636 can also be upgraded to advanced scanning, image editing, merging and archiving.

A truly versatile wide format multifunction product, the GEI 4636 delivers advanced technology, simplicity and unsurpassed productivity, all in one compact footprint. Its cutting-edge performance empowers users to copy, print, scan and e-mail documents themselves, boosting productivity and improving turnarounds. It's an affordable, upgradeable product that offers something for every wide format customer seeking an all-in-one solution that cuts costs, improves service and combines ease and efficiency as never before in wide format documentation.

About GEI Wide Format Solutions:

GEI Wide Format Solutions, a Visual Edge Technology Company, markets equipment, software and supplies through a 100+ dealer network in North America. GEI Wide Format products include scanners, printers, analog & digital copiers, poster printing solutions, and networked controllers sourced from Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Ricoh, Ratio GmbH, Colortrac, and its own product development team.

About Visual Edge Technology and its subsidiaries:

Visual Edge Technology, Inc. (VisualEdge), headquartered in North Canton, Ohio, was founded in 1986 and has repositioned itself as a successful acquirer of office and wide format imaging technology solutions companies. VisualEdge seeks to acquire well-managed companies that are leaders in their local markets across North America. VisualEdge provides these companies increased purchasing power, access to working capital to accelerate their efforts to capture market share and an opportunity to share in the ownership and growth opportunities of a significantly larger enterprise while retaining local control and marketplace identity.