Riegl USAintroduced theLMS Z390 terrestrial laser scanning system, which consists of a 3D scanner, RiScan Pro associated operating and processing software, and a calibrated and definitely oriented high resolution digital camera. The system provides data that lends itself to automatic or semi-automatic processing. The combination of the scanner, software and camera results in automatic generation of high resolution textured meshes; photorealistic 3D construction; exact identification of details; automatic generation of 3D orthophotos; online position and distance measurements; online setting of any virtual point of view; and complete export to CAD packages. The Riegl LMS Z390 is a rugged and fully portable sensor that provides the following configurable capabilities: long range, large field of view and semi-automatic control point acquisition. A standard Windows notebook and the bundled software package RiScan Pro enable the user to acquire 3D data in the field and provide a variety of registration, post-processing, 3D data viewing and export functions. The LMS Z390 is equipped to be operational on a variety of mobile platforms; inclination sensors are built into the unit to provide true vertical, and backsight orientation is fully functional with the device. The Riegl scanner meets OSHA regulations for Workplace Safety and ANSI Class 1 eyesafe requirements. (Riegl, Orlando, Fla.)