Airborne 1released LiDAR XLR8R 3.0, the upgrade to the 2.0 beta version. The product of a key partnership with Canadian software developer, Ambercore Software Inc., Version 3.0 of the LiDAR data management, analysis and visualization tool offers users batch processing and feature merger capability, as well as enhanced pyramiding, 3D visualization and geo-referencing functionality for raster data. LiDAR XLR8R has no limits to the number of points that can be uploaded and processed on a standard PC. It can quickly generate digital elevation models (DEMs) from LiDAR input data, and enables users to build, view, analyze and disseminate 3D surfaces based on LiDAR point data. The software includes innovative algorithms for data regularization and rapid processing, as well as user-defined and -optimized surface building parameters to control surface precision, gap filling methods and flat area reconstruction. The software's 2D and 3D capabilities include transparency, multi-layering, draping and seamless 2D/3D switching. LiDAR XLR8R also imports and exports to a variety of familiar formats that include ESRI and USGS, among others. The software allows users to perform an array of analytical tasks simultaneously (utilizing dynamic hyper-threading technology) while maintaining normal workflow. (Airborne 1 Corporation, El Segundo, Calif.)