Bluebeam Softwarelaunched theBluebeam Conversion Server v 2.0, which offers users access to new tools for seamless and automatic conversion of CAD and Windows files to PDF and 10 other file formats. Bluebeam's new watched folder interface monitors existing folders and subfolders in a file vault or on a network drive and automatically converts new or changed files to PDF in scheduled intervals. Bluebeam Conversion Server has many configuration options including page size customization, automated bookmarks, text stamps and watermarks. Companies can also set up an unlimited number of watched folders-each with a unique configuration for document control. In addition to watched folders, Bluebeam Conversion Server includes a virtual printer interface for converting files with a simple print command and an API for integrating PDF creation into a document management system. (Bluebeam Software Inc., Pasadena, Calif.)