TerraGo Technologiesannounced that the latest version of itsMAP2PDF software features a GeoPDF toolbarthat allows Adobe Reader users to export data from GeoPDF files to geospatial information systems (GIS) via the ESRI Shapefile format (.shp). Utilizing the new GeoPDF Toolbar, Adobe Reader users can add comments, redlines and markups to geospatially enabled GeoPDF files and then export the information back into the original GIS system. MAP2PDF software is used to export data from geospatial information applications to a georegistered PDF with layers and object feature attributes, allowing users to share spatially-enabled files among colleagues and applications. GeoPDF files can be distributed and used in connected or disconnected modes with Adobe Reader and TerraGo's free GeoPDF Toolbar, which replaces MAP2PDF for Reader. The GeoPDF Toolbar recognizes geo-enabled files and lets users view maps, turn layers on and off, query attributes, display coordinates, GPS track, and create redlines, markups and Geonotes. Utilizing the export to Shapefile functionality, GIS professionals can easily integrate those redlines, markups and GeoNotes back into the enterprise's workflow and update geospatial data with the latest information available. Since users are not changing the underlying GIS data files but adding markups to the GeoPDF map document, the integrity of the original data is maintained. (TerraGo Technologies, Atlanta, Ga.)