(Norcross, Ga., 06 June 2006) Leica Geosystems today announced that it has received a large order for its System 1200 surveying instruments from ATCS, P.L.C. of Dulles, Va.

The order includes 12 Leica TCRP1205 SmartStation robotic total stations with remote controls, 12 SmartRover GPS systems, four GX1230 RTK base stations, four complete Leica GeoOffice software packages and 12 subscriptions to Loyola Spatial Systems' RTK-Net™ GPS Reference Station Network powered by Leica technology. They will be used by ATCS for a wide range of applications including topographic surveys, construction stakeout, boundary surveys and control measurements.

The products are being supplied by Loyola Spatial Systems, Leica Geosystems' authorized dealer in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

"This major order from a highly respected surveying company represents an important validation of the System 1200 technology," said Brian Daniel, director of Loyola Spatial Systems. "ATCS was one of the first U.S. surveying companies to embrace the new Leica SmartRover lightweight, all-on-the-pole GPS technology. Additionally, the SmartRovers and robotic SmartStations are all linked to Loyola's RTK-Net™ (the only high accuracy GPS reference station network in Virginia and Maryland). This combination provides ATCS with the most powerful surveying system available today."

"This equipment was purchased based on the relationship we have built with Loyola Spatial Systems. The equipment is extremely user friendly and is a great addition to our surveying departments throughout the firm. The use of this new equipment has increased the productivity of our surveying staff," said Joseph Coppedge, L.S., ATCS Culpepper Office Manager.

About ATCS

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