Prague, Czech Republic - BE Conference Europe - 12 June 2006 - At this inaugural BE Conference in Europe, Bentley Systems, Incorporated today released the newest version of its market-leading ProjectWise - a system of collaboration servers that enables distributed enterprises and related organizations to successfully deliver infrastructure projects.

The ProjectWise V8 XM Edition provides powerful new tools specifically for organizations running a portfolio of projects, including:
  • A project framework offering capabilities to find and reuse content across projects
  • Standards management tools that increase the quality and consistency of work on all MicroStation- or AutoCAD-based projects
  • Load balancing and clustering for scaling the solution to a portfolio of projects and optimizing performance across a distributed enterprise

Commenting on ProjectWise, Bhupinder Singh, senior vice president, Bentley Software, said, "Nine of the top ten ENR Top 500 Design Firms are already successfully delivering projects with ProjectWise. Last month, we extended this power to the entire population of projects - regardless of size - with ProjectWise StartPoint.

He continued, "ProjectWise V8 XM Edition now builds on this market leadership. Organizations working across a portfolio of projects will experience powerful benefits in faster start-up times, the ability to reuse content, and enforced standards of work across the portfolio."

A summary of the new tools in the V8 XM Edition includes:

Project framework: Search tools make cross-project queries simple, while templates and inherited properties speed the process of creating new projects.

Standards management: The association of workspaces to project folders, cache management of workspaces, and support of AutoCAD profiles all help administrators maintain CAD standards across multiple projects and multiple offices.

Scalability: Network load bala;ncing ensures high performance during periods of high demand and clustering provides fail-over security for mission-critical projects; users can also now quickly access very large images through streaming raster services.

Usability/administration enhancements: Editable workflows and environments increase the administration flexibility of projects in progress, and centralized view management provides a common view of project documents for all users across all projects.

SharePoint integration: With ProjectWise support for WebParts and SharePoint, users can access ProjectWise content from a Web browser and SharePoint-based applications can be connected to ProjectWise and all its content.

The complete system of ProjectWise collaboration servers includes:
  • ProjectWise Integration Server with user synchronization, orchestration, automation, distribution, and indexing services
  • ProjectWise Caching Server
  • ProjectWise Lifecycle Server
  • ProjectWise Plot Server
  • ProjectWise Web
  • ProjectWise Publishing Server
  • ProjectWise StartPoint
  • ProjectWise V8 XM Edition is now available to all Bentley SELECT subscribers.

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About ProjectWise

ProjectWise is a system of collaboration servers that enables distributed enterprises and related organizations to successfully deliver infrastructure projects. Its core capabilities allow users to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content.

ProjectWise StartPoint provides an entry-level collaboration tool, while ProjectWise Integration Server provides federated content management. ProjectWise also includes servers for caching data in multiple locations, for managing and automating plotting and publishing, and for connecting with enterprise systems.