The Bureau of Land Management-Eastern States (BLM-ES) General Land Office (GLO) Records website now hosts historical and current cadastral survey plats for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi and Oklahoma, and current survey information performed for other federal agencies from the 13 original colonies. Title companies, surveyors, historians, genealogists, schools and other interested people can now obtain data and images capturing historic and current land survey plats

The BLM-Eastern States is always trying to improve its access to the public. "Anywhere-anytime access to these historic records opens them up to a new audience of public users who previously were excluded because of the burden associated with viewing the documents in person at our vaults in Springfield, Virginia," said John Butterfield, BLM-ES GLO System Manager.

These records, dating back to the early 1800s, are captured digitally for access from anywhere an Internet connection is available. "This system allows the BLM to better preserve these captivating pieces of United States history by limiting human contact with the originals while opening up access to anyone with an Internet connection," said Butterfield.

The GLO Records website is continuously expanding its archives to provide the public with more records in a user-friendly environment. Additional states will be added to the GLO website as the data and images become available.