Bentley Systems Incorporated announced that it connected MicroStation to Google Inc.'s Google Earth service. As a result, users can view and navigate 2D/3D models of infrastructure projects in the context of the Google Earth environment. Through this connection, MicroStation users can publish their DGN and DWG models of infrastructure assets being designed, approved or maintained directly to the Google Earth environment so that models can be viewed and navigated in the context of rich geographic imagery with associated content, including buildings, transportation systems, boundaries, bodies of water, census information, etc. In addition, the MicroStation files placed in the Google Earth environment can contain links to more detailed data that users can review locally. All included levels available to the MicroStation user are persisted in the KML file, so the Google Earth user can switch parts of the model on and off as desired. Saved views in MicroStation are transferred to the KML file, so the Google Earth user can move through pre-configured perspectives in the model. Embedded links within a MicroStation file are automatically published as Google Earth Placemarks. This allows the Google Earth viewer to quickly navigate to supporting project data. The geometries of MicroStation GeoGraphics users who have defined the coordinate system for their designs are automatically exported to the correct locations in Google Earth. MicroStation raster imagery can be published to Google Earth to replace or augment the Google Earth imagery. Bentley SELECT subscribers can download the new connection software for use with MicroStation V8 2004 Edition. The capability is delivered within MicroStation V8 XM Edition. To view an online demonstration of the MicroStation and Google Earth connection, go to (Bentley, Exton, Pa.)(Google Inc., Mountain View, Calif.)