Key features include added different GPS/inertial measurement unit (IMU) correction models.

Intergraph Corporation announced a new version of its ImageStation suite of products, which offer an enhanced user interface, improved computation performance in triangulation, automatic Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) and improved orthophoto processing. Key features of the new ImageStation release include: added different GPS/inertial measurement unit (IMU) correction models, enhanced exterior orientation (EO) analysis tools and increased speed of bundle block adjustment; consolidated sensor modules to a single product (ImageStation Satellite Triangulation); decreased automatic DTM generation computation time of color imagery by approximately 40%; added distributed processing capability to orthophoto software enabling true ortho and mosaicking as well as multi-threaded support for mosaicking; increased speed of mosaicking and true ortho processing; and added support for expanded MicroStation V8 design plane. (Intergraph, Huntsville, Ala.)