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Riegl Vision; Integration of Lidar Scanning and Photogrammetry

The Riegl LMS Z390 terrestrial laser scanning system consists of a highly accurate and fast 3D scanner, associated operating and processing software RiScan Pro and a calibrated and definitely oriented high resolution digital camera. The system provides data which lends itself to automatic or semi-automatic processing. The combination of the Scanner, Software and Camera results in: Automatic generation of high resolution of textured meshes; Photorealistic 3D construction; Exact identification of details; Automatic generation of 3D orthophotos; Online position and distance measurements; Online setting of any virtual point of view; Complete export to CAD packages.

Robust Design

The Riegl LMS Z390 is a rugged and fully portable sensor especially designed for the rapid and accurate acquisition of high quality 3D images, providing a unique and unrivalled combination of long range, large field of view, high accuracy and fast data acquisition. The shock, vibration, pressure and temperature demands have been instrumental in the design criteria for all Riegl instruments.

A standard Windows notebook and the bundled software package RiScan Pro enable the user to instantly acquire high quality 3D data in the field and provide a variety of registration, post processing, 3D data viewing and export functions.

Long Range, FOV and Control Point Acquisition result in better survey control

The long range of the scanner eliminates excessive set -ups for the operator and provides for control of error propagation. The combination of the range, field of view and semi-automatic Control Point Acquisition provide superior survey control for projects. These capabilities are configurable for optimal performance and results in operator flexibility in the field.

Productivity Gains through Stop-n-Go Scanning

In addition to the high rate of data capture, the LMS Z390 is fully equipped to be operational on a variety of mobile platforms; trucks; automobiles; SUV's; off road devices. This frees up the operator from tripods and other time consuming methods of the past. Inclination sensors are built into the unit to provide true vertical and Backsight Orientation is fully functional with the device. This provides the operator with complete freedom and optimal speed for project productivity. Riegl 3D scanning is revolutionizing traditional survey and providing high speed methodologies to numerous commercial applications.

Don't Forget about Safety

The Riegl Laser Scanner meets OSHA regulations for Workplace Safety and ANSI Class 1 eye safe requirements. Riegl's invisible beam will not distract motorists, workers or pedestrians and is in compliance with all OSHA regulations.

About Riegl USA

Riegl's 3D terrestrial laser scanner business is based upon the company's 30 year heritage in research, development and manufacture of time-of-flight based optical radar systems. Our products are used for ground based and airborne survey, industrial process control, altimetry and aerospace applications.

Riegl's many different 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing innovation in the 3D laser scanning business. An example is the integration of the 3D laser scanner with the Photogrammetric camera resulting in the synergistic benefits of greater speed and higher accuracies.

Today Riegl is recognized as the performance leader in the mining, industrial process control, civil infrastructure, mobile mapping and other large scale asset markets. The instruments are well known for their ruggedness and reliability under demanding environmental conditions.

The training center for Riegl USA is located in Orlando, Florida adjacent to our North American Office.