Colorado Springs, Colo. USA - QCoherent Software LLC, provider of Limitless LIDAR™ software tools, announces the release of LP360 version 1.2, LIDAR extension for the ESRI ArcGIS™ environment. LP360 employs a specially-designed ArcMap™ data layer to access and draw LIDAR points directly from LAS files. The unique architecture of LP360 supports enormous quantities of point cloud data. LP360 effortlessly facilitates the integration of LIDAR point cloud data with other GIS data types supported by ArcGIS™. "The high-capacity architecture of LP360 provides rapid on-demand access to industry-standard LAS files while eliminating needless import, export, translation and tiling operations," said Michael Watry, company General Manager. "With LP360, we have met our goals of integrating an innovative and well-rounded LIDAR software package into the ESRI environment, while maintaining the look and feel of ArcMap™ data layer property pages, display controls, and data attribute filters. Additionally, we've provided an embedded profile viewer and LAS file manager, coupled with import, export, and data point 'identify' capabilities."

Requiring only a standard ArcView™ license, the LP360 extension installs quickly and easily. For more information, please visit QCoherent online at, contact us by phone at 719-386-6900, or by email us QCoherent Software is an innovative provider of high-capacity, integrated, Limitless LIDAR™ software tools. QCoherent is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.