Information forPOB's special product focus on safety equipment has been provided by the respective manufacturers and distributors. For more information on the variety of safety products available, visit the websites listed under each entry.

Forestry Suppliers Inc.

The Class 2 Surveyor's Vest is ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 Class 2 compliant and is 100% polyester. It features a cool, comfortable mesh back with special compartments including a field notebook pocket, pencil slots, a compass pocket with grommet and a flagging tape pocket with grommets. Additionally, the bright-colored vest features an exterior radio mic clip.

Tecnu Extreme is a thick gel that can be used before or after poison ivy appears to relieve symptoms and stop the rash from spreading. The active ingredient, grindelia, immediately relieves itching and speeds the healing process while cleaning the affected areas of all irritants. Tecnu Extreme also contains micro-fine scrubbing beads that effectively remove urushiol from the skin.

Hayes Instrument Co.

Order all of your safety products quickly and easily with online shopping. The site is well organized with the ability to view pictures, descriptions and prices before you buy. Register online and safely store your shipping/billing information, so ordering supplies only takes a couple minutes. Order before 3 p.m. Central Time and your order will be shipped the same day. Also, check out our clearance section. Right now buy a CST lighted safety belt on clearance at the discounted price of $13.95 (lists at $34.95) while supplies last. For safety in surveying, order from the site that is "All Things Surveying."

Allen Precision Equipment

The Survey Crew Ahead Sign is composed of VS mesh fabric material to withstand adverse weather conditions. It has a vinyl-coated nylon pocket design and rolls up easily for transportation. The sign is OSHA approved and is on sale for $56.95.

The QFV-W Heavy-Duty Sign Stand has durable but lightweight aluminum legs with kicklock release levers. It includes a tightening screw to hold the sign in place and LK fold-down telescoping to adjust the height. The stand is on sale for $237.95.

SECO Manufacturing

SECO Manufacturing, best known for its top quality surveying accessories such as bipods and prism poles, also manufactures safety utility vests for surveyors and construction workers.

SECO designs and builds different vest models for a variety of occupational hazards, everything from low-cost nylon mesh vests to ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 2 and 3 retroreflective vests. The newest SECO safety utility vest (8372-Series) is an ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 Class 3. It's comfortable like a baseball jersey and features a radio clip plus two interior pockets with pen/pencil slots. SECO vests are available in standard sizes (extra-small to jumbo).


The vehicle rotating light is a bright amber color and magnetically mounts to the roof of your vehicle for safety. Additionally, the amber colored strobe light contains a vibra-shield magnetic mount and absorbs shock to protect the circuitry and bulb from vibration. A double flash feature delivers 1.6 million candella. Both lights easily plug into your vehicle's lighter for power. Visit for more safety products and supplies, such as first aid, traffic control, insect repellent and more.