EXTON, Pa. – April 2, 2007 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated has published “The Year in Infrastructure,” a 162-page project yearbook highlighting the extraordinary work of Bentley users improving the world’s infrastructure.

The yearbook features the 225 nominees recognized and 29 winners honored in the professional portion of the 2006 BE Awards of Excellence program. The BE Awards are judged by an independent panel of industry experts and are presented at an evening ceremony during the annual BE Conference ( www.be.org

Building – BIM for Architecture, BIM for Building Engineering, BIM for Multiple Disciplines, BIM for Simulation and Visualization, Building Managed Environment, and Building New Technology Adoption Civil – Civil Managed Environment, Civil New Technology Adoption, Civil Rail Design, Civil Road Design, Civil Site Design, and Civil Visualization

Geospatial – Geospatial Communications, Geospatial Government, Geospatial Managed Environment, Geospatial Mapping and Cadastre, Geospatial Modeling, Geospatial Public Works, Geospatial Utilities, and Geospatial Web Publishing

Plant – Plant Lifecycle Information Management, Plant Managed Environment, Plant Multidiscipline Engineering, Plant New Technology Adoption, Plant Rookie of the Year, Plant Supply Chain Integration, and Plant Visualization

Special – Best Overall IT Strategy and Well-Trained Organization

Also included in the yearbook are the Lifetime Achievement and Educator of the Year BE Award nominees and winners for 2006, along with the 38 nominees recognized and three winners honored in the academic portion of the program.

To view “The Year in Infrastructure,” go to www.be.org/projectyearbook.

In addition, the more than 600 world-class projects acknowledged in the 2004, 2005, and 2006 BE Awards of Excellence programs are now searchable using a new Web tool available atwww.be.org/search. The tool enables visitors to the site to search on terms, titles, or keywords to find projects of special interest or relevance to their needs.

About BE and the BE Conference

BE, which stands for “Bentley Empowered,” embodies the power of community to create, innovate, and improve the world’s infrastructure.

The BE Conference, which consistently scores a 99 percent attendee satisfaction rating, is a once-a-year learning opportunity for Bentley user organizations offering professional training, technology updates, keynotes, and best practice sharing. At these sessions, attendees better themselves, better their organizations, and better the ways they can improve the world’s infrastructure.

For more information on BE Conference 2007, being held April 29-May 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, and on BE Conference Europe, being held June 10-14 at the Hilton London Metropole in the United Kingdom, go towww.be.org