LIVERMORE, CA - An upgraded version of Topcon's Pocket 3D construction software has multiple new features creating a "field smart" solution for easy construction layout.

New features include:

  • Auto-topographical data collection by vertical offset;
  • Tape dimensioning;
  • Topcon Total Station support, and -
  • Support for use of multiple base stations.

Randy Noland, Topcon 3D machine control product sales manager, said, "Pocket 3D 5.11 allows the user to stake an offset from a line or polyline. In addition, topography can be collected in "˜auto' mode by change in elevation. This feature will create a more accurate topography without any extra effort from the operator."

Noland said, "The new features are everyday "˜field smart' functions that enhance any construction layout."

The tape-dimensioning feature "allows users to enter blue print information from site plans," he said. Along with "enhancements to stakeout and data collection routines, support for Topcon Total Stations is now included. Pocket 3D provides a total job site solution for all positioning systems - Total Stations, GPS+ or Millimeter GPS," Noland said.

The new 5.11 version is a free upgrade for existing users of Topcon Pocket 3D software.

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Source: Topcon, March 1, 2006