CLEVELAND, OHIO, 13 February 2006‚ Global Marketing Insights announced today that it is available to perform customized analysis of the statistical data collected for the NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey. The survey database contains more than 2000 pages of data extracted from 1,547 surveys relating to technological, political, economic and environmental trends impacting the worldwide remote sensing market.

"The 2005 NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey is the most in-depth study of key factors that indicate the direction of the international remote sensing market for the next decade," said Dr. Shawana Johnson, President of Global Marketing Insights. "Our report delivered to NOAA analyzed only a fraction of the issues and variables revealed in the surveys."

The NOAA Satellite and Information Service Division contracted Global Marketing Insights to conduct a research study of the international remote sensing market as it relates to aerial and satellite data technologies. Global Marketing Insights created a series of extensive online surveys covering issues related to eight sectors of the remote sensing market: aerial film, aerial digital, aerial sensors, satellites, commercial end users, value added hardware and software, academic, and government.

Results of the report delivered to NOAA are posted at along with information concerning the data available for further analysis.

"The International Remote Sensing Survey offers a wealth of information to geospatial technology professionals, particularly those seeking a competitive advantage in their business," said Glenn Letham, Founder of, a geospatial web portal that participated as an Affiliate in the program by soliciting survey input from its readers.

With permission from NOAA, Global Marketing Insights has retained the raw data from the study for further processing. There are literally thousands of data points that have yet to be analyzed relating to economic, employment, purchasing and revenue trends anticipated from 2005 to 2015. At a client's request, Global Marketing Insights is available to process this data for analysis by market sector, geographic region, across user groups or other segmentation as needed. Results from market sectors are divided into the following data topics: Aerial Digital, Aerial Film, Aerial Sensor, Satellite, Commercial End User, Government, Software/Hardware, and Academic.

To request a proposal for a customized data analysis, contact Sherry Loy at Global Marketing Insights at 216-525-0600.

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